Break free from traditional surveys

Your research as predefined chat conversation

To develop a deeper and more meaningful insight from your research, we believe having a conversation with your participants provide more valuable feedback than just firing questions. That's why we created the Research Messenger. A new method to capture the right type of information by making it personal like a real conversation. Define your questions as predefined chat messages. People become more involved and focused on answering your questions!

You can use Research Messenger to get feedback for pretty much everything. Surveys, forms or information as a step by step guide. The great advantage of the Research Messenger is the quick access without any hassle to install an App first. There are no restrictions, you can reach everyone everywhere! People can decide which preferred device they use at any time. It does not matter if they want to use their mobile, tablet or PC.


  • Questiontypes: open text, numeric, date and time, slider, rating, single response, multi response
  • Photo upload by camera and/or gallery
  • Receive email notification by each new entry
  • Email and SMS invites
  • Panel company integration
  • Data API
  • Realtime report
  • Excel, CSV and SPSS export

Our Work Process

We don't script surveys, we craft surveys with love & passion. That is our most valued secret.
  1. Send your survey and design wishes, ie. company logo and avatar/photo/name chat person
  2. We design your Research Messenger and you receive the ready to use link to your Research Messenger
  3. You have access to monitor real-time the results and download the data