Research Messenger is a new innovative way of true mobile surveys.


Your research, as intelligent predefined chat conversation.
We design your survey as chatbot.

Having a conversation with participants makes it more personal and provide more valuable feedback than just firing questions in traditional online surveys.

Unlimited design options

Check out what we can do with Research Messenger!

Device and Browser

Ideal for smartphones but not limited for mobile. Research Messenger works on all devices and modern Browsers

Question Types

Open text, Starrating, Slider, Single Response and Multi Response dropdowns, Buttons, Voice to text

Custom Questions

Like photo upload, swipe left and right to answer, carousel grids, dynamic sliders, etc.


You can reach everyone, everywhere by email invites, SMS invites, QR Code, Website link or Panel company integration

Data and Reporting

Excel, CSV and SPSS export
Realtime report, mail notifications based on new entries or certain answers


We design your Research Messenger in your corporate style or any custom design you like.

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We are a digital creative surveyfriendly agency. We love to rethink how people can interact with your online research. Our products & services are crafted with the utmost care to capture the right type of information.

Focus is always on your research question and then design around it. Happy we can do this creative surveyfriendly mission from Amsterdam the Netherlands for great clients all over the world!