Having a conversation with your participants makes it more personal
and provide more valuable feedback than just firing questions in traditional online surveys.

Reach everyone, everywhere and always

You can reach everyone, everywhere by email invites, SMS invites, Pop-up screen, QR Code, Website link or Panel company integration.

Ideal for smartphones but not limited to mobile.
Research Messenger works on all devices without any hassle to let people install an App first.

Tailor made design

We design your Research Messenger in your corporate style or any custom design you like. Making it a joy to give feedback.

Your results can be downloaded in Excel, CSV or SPSS


We love to rethink how people can interact with your research.
Focus is always on your research question and then design around it.

Happy we can do this creative surveyfriendly mission from Amsterdam the Netherlands for great clients all over the world!

Research Messenger is a friendly collaboration between SurveyFriendly and Tools for Research.