Personal and refreshing to fill in.

Through the use of chat messengers and social media, we all communicate in a new different style, much faster and shorter, when and where we want. Therefore, to actually engage participants in your surveys , you need to make them personal, easy and refreshing instead of simply firing questions to people. Only then people become more involved and really interested in answering your questions! You need something extra ...

We turn your survey into a beautiful chatbot conversation.
Which results in a higher response, real involvement and more data and better feedback.

Question Types

Large variation of standard and more interactive types of questions to capture the right type of information.


People can share their photos directly by their camera phone or upload it from their gallery.

Reach everyone, everywhere

Reach your audience via website URL, Inline pop-up, Email, SMS invites, Panel company integration.


Download the data in Excel, CSV and PDF


Monitor fieldwork with the realtime dashboard and receive mail notifications

Mobile Friendly

Works great on every device. Mobile, tablet and desktop

Stand out from the crowd.

The examples below are a showcase to inspire you what is possible. Click on the images to see it in action. You can use Research Messenger to get feedback for pretty much everything from webforms and polls to large market research surveys.

All our projects are tailored made and handcrafted with care
which makes each Research Messenger project unique.

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